Crank it to 12! Seahawks / Vikings Prediction with Jeetz

OUCH! That’s the only way to describe last week’s heart breaker to the Titans. Seahawks held a 24-9 halftime lead only to end up making me cry in my beer after 33-30 OT loss. Hawks were gashed on the ground giving up 212 rushing yards that combined with 10 penalties is what ultimately did them in. Seattle will need to tighten the D up bigtime if they want to consistently win. Couple silver linings: The man rushing against them, Derrik Henry, is arguably the best running back in football and lots of teams are going to get run over by him. Second silver lining: If you need a bounce back game, no one better to be playing than Kurt Cousins. Dude is one of the most talented losers in NFL history. Luckily that’s who’s up next. Hawks play the Vikings who are coming off their own gut-wrenching loss after missing a 37 yard field goal in Arizona to lose the game. These two teams typically play down to the wire barnburners, so expect your anxiety to be put to the test. The NFL is a week to week league and anything can happen any given Sunday, but following last week’s disappointment, Hawks need to go into Minnesota and beat the Vikings.

Sooooooo, you wanna know what’s going to happen? Click the audio link above to listen to my 100% accurate prediction for Seahawks/Vikings! LETS GO HAAAAAAAWKS!!!