Lorde reveals what happens to nature when humans get 'greedy' in new 'Fallen Fruit' video

Watch Lorde's latest stunning cautionary tale visual here
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In Lorde’s latest music video, the Solar Power artist uses her track “Fallen Fruit” as a vehicle to remind her fans that it is upon the human race to preserve the Earth for the next generation. In the new cautionary tale visual, Ella shows us how fragile life is, even in idyllic, Garden of Eden-esque environments. She hones in on the idea that it is sinful to destroy our world’s natural beauty.

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Shot on the same sun-drenched island that the “Solar Power” video takes place, now during her “Fallen Fruit” sequence the Kiwi singer reveals that the once bountiful and golden glowing habitat has fallen into disrepair due to human greed and overconsumption.

In her latest email dispatch, Lorde explained, “In the Solar Power video, you were introduced to the island as a lush paradise — glistening water, blue skies, not a grain of sand out of place (barring that pesky beach trash…). Cut to: humans doing as they do, getting greedy, treating the land with disrespect, and stripping it of its beauty. There’ll always be another pristine place to start again, right? The gardens that were once lush and fruitful are now on fire. The fishing boats are busted up and overturned. All that’s left of the peaches are their pits. Amid all that, my character makes a choice.”

Additionally, ahead of Lorde’s November 7 birthday, the singer confirmed that she will be debuting a deluxe version of her eco-conscious Solar Power record. The new release will feature two new tracks, “Helen of Troy” and “Hold No Grudge.”

Watch Lorde’s “Fallen Fruit” video below.

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