Audacy Beach Festival: WILLOW aspires to achieve Avril Lavigne’s Pop Punk ‘proficiency and efficiency’

The 'transparent soul' singer discusses what her next big move is
By , Audacy

After having finished her first-ever Audacy Beach Festival set, WILLOW joined Kevan Kenney backstage to reveal her favorite artist on the lineup and talk music.

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The “transparent soul” singer tells us that she could not miss Beabadoobee’s set, adding, “she’s just amazing, I was like ‘I really need to get to see her.’”

“She gives you the moody, she gives you the guitar riffs…the harmony there is not what you would normally hear in the kind of music that she makes and I just love those different choices,” WILLOW says, gushing over Bea.

Delving into the realm of Pop Punk music this year, WILLOW broke barriers with her album, lately I feel EVERYTHING. The artist shared that while she faced criticism coming on to the scene, she feels, “the whole gatekeeping energy just needs to stop because art is art, and I feel like if it’s not your preference then it’s not your preference… we should allow anyone… to express themselves through these certain genres.”

Speaking about working with “Pop Punk royalty” WILLOW shared that collaborating with Avril Lavigne on “GROW,” was nerve-wracking at first but ultimately the experience led to a shared bond between the two artists. WILLOW explained, “she was just so down to earth and so chill. I honestly just felt I could just go to her house and hang out… I didn’t expect it to be like that.”

Now that lately I feel EVERYTHING is out and WILLOW has been able to perform live, the singer tells us that she has been focusing on “refining my musicianship.” Taking a page out of Lavigne’s book, WILLOW says she aims to bring the “proficiency and efficiency” that Avril brings to Pop Punk music to her own sound. “I just want to get that in general, with just playing the guitar and my voice, and just figuring that out even deeper,” noted the “Lipstick” singer.

For more from WILLOW, watch her play This Or That with Kevan Kenney below.


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