Taron Egerton on that one time he met Britney Spears: 'Very, very lovely'

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By Audacy
On the latest episode of Just For Variety with Marc Malkin, Taron Egerton talks about living out his fantasy Mafia life in his Apple TV series Black Bird, how he dreams to star in Sweeney Todd, and what it was like to hang out with Britney Spears.

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Calling in from his family vacation in Greece, Taron expressed his excitement about “the show” referring to Black Bird, which sees him play Jimmy Keene who’s at the beginning of a 10-year prison sentence, when he gets an incredible offer. “It’s had a terrific response so far, but still working to make sure it gets as many pairs of eyes on it as possible really.”

“Floored by the intrigue and the suspense and the incredible truth of” the story, which leads Egerton’s character to a maximum security prison to see if he can elicit a confession from suspected serial killer Larry Hall, in order to be freed. Taron admitted taking on the role has enabled him to live out his fantasy life of crime.

Next as we mentioned, Egerton told Malkin about his Sweeney Todd aspirations, that you’ll have to listen above to hear, before revealing what it was like to recently meet and hang with Britney Spears. The two met at a mutual friends dinner party, and according to the actor, Spears was “very, very lovely.”

Taron also went on to divulge that he’d never felt as famous as he did on that fateful July 23, when Britney posted videos of the two of them on Instagram, which she captioned, "Coolest guy ever!!! Such a freaking fan!”

“I felt very, very, very famous for a second," Taron said, crediting the singer's "passionate" fans for the welcomed attention.

For all that and more, listen to the entire episode above.

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