Are you a 'Karen'? Personality test tells you if you're a toxic person

Toxic Behavior
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Have you ever been accused of being toxic?

Truity has put together a personality quiz that will put your toxicity to the test.

The test uses the three traits that are most responsible for toxicity: neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness. These help them determine where you fall in one of seven categories.

The Karen - If your name is Karen, we're sorry your name has been attached to this.
The ManSplainer - We all know that one guy who knows it all.
The Drama Llama - With these people, life isn't fun unless there's drama.
The Slacker - These are the people who refuse to do their part.
The Con Artist - The people who will do anything they can to get ahead, no matter how manipulative.
The Debbie Downer - The people who drag everyone down with them
The Control Freak - The "My way or the highway" type people

The website notes that the "quiz is designed to be a fun way to increase self-awareness of potential difficult traits." adding "It is not intended as a diagnostic tool and the results should be taken only to the extent you find them helpful."

Click Here to take the quiz

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