BJ & Migs Top Stories & Viral Videos 05/12/2021

BJ & Migs Top Stories and Viral Videos of the Day 05/12/2021

Seth Rogen Once Got Bodychecked by Beyoncé's Security
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YouTuber Combines Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back' With Bach

Australian Wakes Up with Irish Accent After Surgery


Day 1: Facetiming my friend and her family who I have met in person. They couldn’t believe it at first ##thisissurreal

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A Man's Clever Trick to Make His Wife Think He's Busy

Woman Holds Fake Funeral for Boyfriend so Mistress Thinks He's Dead

A Pretty Stupid Spaghetti Dinner Hack

Judge Isn't Happy When "Butt[Effer] 3000" Enters Zoom Court Appearance (NSFW)