Horoscopes for Friday, Feb. 26th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

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The Chet Buchanan Show
The Chet Buchanan Show

Gemini: Make your dreams a tool for gaining insight. Whether you think dreams are mystical insights or random brainwaves, there is much to be gained.

Sagittarius: You will probably be very busy today which may suit you just fine. It looks like you have a few things to catch up on so take this time. YOUR DAY = 10

Cancer: Today, consider that artistic expression can happen in many ways. It isn't always about drawing a picture or acting. The way that you arrange your home or workspace is an artistic expression. YOUR DAY = 8

Capricorn: Your ability to stand up for your decisions and not let others sway you may be enhanced today. This will be especially true if you've arrived at a resolution that solves a problem. YOUR DAY = 7

Taurus: If you're feeling tired, you may need to lie back, close your eyes, and listen to some music. You work hard, so it can do your body and mind good to just relax.

Scorpio: If you’ve been experiencing moodiness lately, today, everything turns around. It may even be time to bring up that raise you’ve been wanting. YOUR DAY = 10

Leo: You may find that today brings great physical strength and energy to you. Given this, you may really want to do some tough, challenging physical work. YOUR DAY = 9

Aquarius: Find some new ways to expand your horizons. The web has an infinite amount of information to explore, and your local colleges offer many courses from which to choose. YOUR DAY = 7

Aries: Are you satisfied with your current career? If not, start by making a plan. There are specific steps that you can follow. YOUR DAY = 8

Libra: Ask yourself what you want people to say about you after you're gone. Get back on track to a fulfilled life by taking steps toward your desires.
YOUR DAY = Starts like a 5, but works its way up to a 10

Virgo: Try to see that nightmare from a few days ago as a safe way to address feelings. Something, possibly relationship related, needs to be addressed.

Pisces: Step out of your routine, even if it’s just walking the other way to bathroom at work. You may run across a new co-worker or discover something that has been lost for a while. YOUR DAY = 9