Horoscopes for Friday, Oct. 8th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

Great Day for Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius
Chet, Kayla and Maddie
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Leo: Be more aware of your personal appearance and how you're perceived. Make sure that your attire is appropriate for the people you're with and the situation. YOUR DAY = 8

Virgo: Know what you're getting yourself into, especially if it has to do with love and romance. You may be like a fly on a tree branch, carefully inspecting the beautiful spider web at your feet. YOUR DAY = 8

Libra: Your heart may be hurt by misfortunes that have befallen you. Thinking about times past is just pulling up buckets of tears from a well. Don't keep doing this to yourself. YOUR DAY = 7

Scorpio: You're filled with joy! There's a tremendous wave of love coming your way. Everything involving romance could be taken to extremes.

Aries: You may be a fan of the tomorrow diet. When tomorrow comes and there's pizza and soda, suddenly the diet starts again "tomorrow." Use the powerful energy of today to break out of this habit. YOUR DAY = 6

Taurus: Are you experiencing writers block? Your verbal juices may not be flowing freely, but they haven't disappeared. Use this time to read other people's works and visit museums for inspiration. YOUR DAY = 7

Gemini: Action should be your main priority, especially when it comes to love and romance. You may not be too concerned about what sort of action you take. YOUR DAY = 10

Cancer: A surprise in love and romance is on its way to you. Things are coming full circle, and the investment you made in this realm is finally paying off. YOUR DAY = 9

Pisces: Let your heart shine. Love surrounds you like a beautiful pink cloud, and you can't help but attract people to you. Take romance to a higher level with someone really special tonight. YOUR DAY = 10

Aquarius: Friction is building between you and a far away friend. Unfortunately, this tension may be unavoidable. It's likely that some sort of power struggle is being thrown into the mix. YOUR DAY = 6

Capricorn: Social engagements will be your saving grace. Without them, you may be confused and sad about issues that are reaching a climax.

Sagittarius: Your energy and enthusiasm are elevated as you approach yet a higher level of accomplishment. This could inspire you to channel most of your energy into more work and climb yet higher. YOUR DAY = 10