Horoscopes for Thursday, Sept. 16th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

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Leo: Are you caught up in the rat race of trying to have more money? You must first be who you are and then take the necessary actions in order to have what you really want. YOUR DAY = 8

Virgo: An angry call from someone who lives far away might catch you off guard today. In your mind, the person has no reason to be angry and is blowing things out of proportion. YOUR DAY = 7

Cancer: An event could find a current or potential love partner paying a lot of attention to others. This probably isn't the case. Your partner is just trying to be sociable and doesn't realize that it upsets you. YOUR DAY = 7

Taurus: Today you might find it necessary to turn down an invitation to a friends party. Explain things to your friend and then propose that you get together at another time. YOUR DAY = 8

Gemini: Concentrate on routine tasks that require little thought. Stay out of any squabbles! Relax in a hot bath tonight. YOUR DAY = 8

Aries: Today a family member could make an expenditure that you view as unnecessary. Look closer becauseit may see that you aren't in dire financial straits after all. YOUR DAY = 8

Scorpio: Go for a workout or brisk walk to clear your head; get the endorphins going. This will start your afternoon with a bang. YOUR DAY = 10

Sagittarius: Work alone if you can as today is not a great day for collaborative efforts. This will put you in a better frame of mind and a more relaxed space. YOUR DAY = 9

Libra: Today you might spend a lot of time looking for a lost object. This item may only have sentimental value. Still, it's important to you that you find it. YOUR DAY = 7

Aquarius: Delegate tasks if you can. Put yours in order of urgency and then take them one at a time slowly and carefully. YOUR DAY = 9

Pisces: If you've been planning to set off on a trip soon, make a list of what you need to do beforehand and check off each task as you complete it.

Capricorn: Squabbles may break out among members of your group. If you feel up to it, get your friends out of their emotional chaos and view the subject more objectively. YOUR DAY = 7