Horoscopes for Thursday, Sept. 2nd, 2021

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Chet + Kayla
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Taurus: Things should be running smoothly for you and you'll accomplish a lot with surprisingly little effort. Be patient. Success may not come overnight, but it will come. YOUR DAY = 10

Cancer: Your vitality is low. It may be difficult to fight adversity. Try not to get discouraged. Instead, realize that this is part of the natural cycle.

Virgo: Your hard work is paying off in ways that may not be noticeable to you now. Things are flowing naturally, and you seem to have all your responsibilities under control. YOUR DAY = 9

Scorpio: There are opportunities for achievement, so stay open to new energy coming your way. If you don't turn at these fortuitous junctions, you may never find this spot in the road again. YOUR DAY = 8

Capricorn: This is a time of hard work when you may need to either salvage the mess you've created or start reaping the wonderful rewards of the success you've become. YOUR DAY = 9

Pisces: There's a chance that incredible luck will befall you, but nothing will come without hard work on your part. Don't expect someone else to hand you the treasure chest. YOUR DAY = 8

Aries: You may feel like someone's trying to pin you down before you start. Perhaps these obstacles are self-imposed. If you try and fail, you'll be no worse off than if you never try at all. YOUR DAY = 7

Gemini: You may feel like you're being tested in some way, like you're on trial and must defend yourself. This feeling is unsettling, but soon you'll realize that it's strengthening in many ways. YOUR DAY = 8

Leo: You may find it hard to admit that you can't do everything. Why pretend when a better option would be to delegate the task to someone else?

Libra: If you love someone, your brain translates this into thinking that you need to be the caretaker. Don't let another's well-being become your project if it’s NOT something you want. YOUR DAY = 7

Sagittarius: Talking with someone else may add confusion instead of clarity to the situation. The other person's energy seems to affect your perceptions. Stay grounded despite your frustration. YOUR DAY = 7

Aquarius: Your thoughts may be scattered and confused, especially regarding responsibilities that are important to you. One deep breath will relieve all that stress and make your day 10x better. YOUR DAY = 10