Horoscopes for Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

Great day for Cancer and Aries
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Aries: Add a bit of spice in your life by engaging in spontaneous activities. It's time to get out and enjoy more of the world. YOUR DAY = 10

Taurus: There may be some emotional strain and tension in your world, but this can be remedied. Don't get weighed down by passing moods that cripple your productivity. YOUR DAY = 7

Gemini: People may be bearing down hard on you. They will have some facts to back themselves up. Your brain is like a computer storing bits of information to use at times like this. YOUR DAY = 6

Cancer: This is a great day for you. You may feel like you can exercise more of your freedom. Break any shackles that seem to be holding you back.

Leo: You're in a sticky emotional battle. Perhaps this is all due to a misunderstanding. Take the time to clear the air in all your relationships.

Virgo: Friendships go surprisingly well for you now, so look to them for the support you seek. Future plans may be uncertain, so don't worry about them now. YOUR DAY = 9

Libra: Lessons may come in odd shapes and sizes today, so don't feel like you need to make immediate sense of every little thing. YOUR DAY = 8

​Scorpio: The path of least resistance will take you exactly where you need to go. Move toward people who radiate loving, positive energy. YOUR DAY = 9

Sagittarius: You may feel like you're driving on a highway and suddenly all the lanes merge. Keep in mind that on a day like this, you'll never get where you need to be unless you're more aggressive. YOUR DAY = 6

Capricorn: You'll be at an advantage if you can learn to distance yourself from the emotional crux of the matter. Maintain a neutral viewpoint.

Aquarius: You may feel like a mouse trying to get the cheese in the middle of the kitchen floor. You might just want to wait until another day before grabbing the cheese. YOUR DAY = 7

Pisces: Your emotions receive a boost of support from those around you. This is a good day to sit back and gain perspective on things instead of assuming you have all the answers. YOUR DAY = 9

Taurus - 7