Horoscopes for Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

"Be The 10!"
Chet + Kayla
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Capricorn: Kick up your heels and get moving. The fast-paced energy of the day is just what you need to get things done. You're ready to take action. YOUR DAY = 10

Sagittarius: It may seem like people are trying to pick fights with you today. Any opposition you encounter may have a loud roar, but in reality, there's very little bite to fear. YOUR DAY = 6

Aquarius: Don't let others push your into something you don't want to do. The energy of the day is fast and adventurous, but if you aren't feeling up for a fight, don't force it. YOUR DAY = 7

Scorpio: Get ready for action, because today could be a fast-paced adventure sure to keep you on your toes. Pace yourself and avoid confrontation! YOUR DAY = 9

Pisces: This is a great day for you. You'll find that long-term trends are coming together harmoniously. YOUR DAY = 10

Libra: This isn't a day to sit around and wait for good fortune to come to you. It's time to make it happen. Get off the couch and get moving. YOUR DAY = 9

Cancer: You may feel the need to act aggressively regarding this climactic period in your life, thanks to long-term trends. There's expansive energy today encouraging you to take action. YOUR DAY = 8

Gemini: Be very calculated with your words today. You could easily offend a dear friend. On the other hand, if you watch your words carefully, you could be the highlight of someone else's day. YOUR DAY = 8

Leo: If you don't understand others' perspectives today, try not to be harsh with them. Differences are no reason to find fault with people. YOUR DAY = 6

Taurus: Stay positive and radiant today. This is a great day for you to take control. Connect with others on group projects and feel free to offer creative input. YOUR DAY = 10

Virgo: Long-term trends are coming to a favorable point for you. This is a good day to examine them and make some moves forward in pursuit of your goals. YOUR DAY = 9

Aries: Don't let others push you around today. People may talk themselves up, but there's little behind the words. Be careful that you don't misfire.