Horoscopes for Tuesday, Sept. 28th, 2021 || The Chet Buchanan Show

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Cancer: An unexpected invitation from a friend could have you taking a short trip, perhaps to visit this person. Conversations with friends should prove interesting and enlightening. YOUR DAY = 8

Gemini: An old friend you may not have seen for a long time could come to visit today. This should be a surprise, but you'll probably be glad to see this person. YOUR DAY = 9

Taurus: Today you might be more attracted to unusual art forms. Perhaps exhibits of local artists have caught your attention, or you may be developing a taste for alternative music. YOUR DAY = 8

Aries: Experiments combining creativity and technology could lead to opportunities to increase your income. You're receptive to new ideas and willing to make an effort to put them to work for you. YOUR DAY = 10

Scorpio: Today you may fall in love at first sight. Perhaps with someone you've never met before or an old friend you suddenly see in a new light.

Libra: An unexpected visit from a friend you haven't seen for a while could bring up long-forgotten memories. You could confront hidden psychological and emotional issues. YOUR DAY = 7

Virgo: Romance looks good, as increased communication between you and your special someone is strongly indicated. The two of you may have an exciting evening out. YOUR DAY = 9

Leo: New career opportunities appear on the scene to reawaken your ambition. You might come across some unusual possibilities for advancement that you've never considered before. YOUR DAY = 10

Pisces: Some unexpected but welcome communications could come your way, probably from a lover or close friend. Planning for a pleasant, exciting journey is indicated. YOUR DAY = 9

Aquarius: Purchases for your home might be one of your projects today. Your aesthetic sense is very high right now and your good taste at a peak.

Capricorn: Your desire to travel may be awakened, and you might toy with the idea of visiting faraway places. If you're serious, start doing research. This is a great day to plan a vacation. YOUR DAY = 9

Sagittarius: An earth-shattering solution you've been searching for suddenly happens, or an enthusiastic potential partner appears on the scene. Either way, you can look forward to an interesting day. YOUR DAY = 10