Horoscopes for Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 2021

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Taurus: You're known to be kindhearted, which means you can be taken advantage of. It's important for you to trust your instincts to prevent this from happening today. YOUR DAY = 7

Scorpio: You need to use your head on a day like this. Double-check everything and moderate your activities. YOUR DAY = 8

Cancer: Feed your mind today. Even if it’s just YouTube documentaries, the things you study today will give you a leg up in a conversation tomorrow. YOUR DAY = 10

Capricorn: Venturing into something new and different may be what you need. You’ve had your nose to the grindstone recently, take some time off for fun.

Virgo: Consider putting your problem-solving skills to work today. If something comes your way that seems mysterious, take the bull by the horns and get to the truth. YOUR DAY = 8

Pisces: If you happen to meet new people today, be careful. Some folks may seem interesting, but they can lead to trouble and hurt you if you aren't careful.

Aries: You might have to make a choice between telling the truth and lying today. In some circumstances, this can be difficult, especially if you're afraid you will hurt someone's feelings. YOUR DAY = 6

Libra: Don't be fooled by others who aren't straight with you. If you don't know the person well, trust your instincts. YOUR DAY = 7

Gemini: Don't be surprised if someone describes you as conservative. It may be true. It could indicate that it's important for you to maintain control over most things. YOUR DAY = 9

Sagittarius: The energy that you feel today may have you so jittery that others don't know what to do with you. Pull things out and organize, move furniture around, whatever it takes to expel that energy. YOUR DAY = 8

Leo: If you think you have to prove that you have something valuable to offer, remember you're naturally everyone’s best friend. This may already be your strength. YOUR DAY = 10

Aquarius: On your own time, you're free to research anything your heart desires. Intellectual growth is something you enjoy, so why not spend time online finding out more about your favorite things? YOUR DAY = 9