Kelly Ripa, 50, reveals skin routine for her youthful glow


Kelly Ripa, who just turned 50 on October 2, is revealing her secrets to a youthful glow, all while maintaining her complexion and overall health.

In an interview with Prevention, Ripa revealed tips to get her lasting youth, most of which involve a healthy diet and great skincare. "Ten years ago, I was washing my face with soap and water - the harshest soap possible and the hottest water possible," Ripa explains.

Now, she's making an effort to be kinder to her skin. "And now it's really about making up for all of that by being gentle with my skin and prepping it before I put makeup on," she said.

So how does she do it?

It all starts off with a good dry brushing, which is a fancy term for using a soft, bristled brush to give your body a good once-over. "Your skin is such a huge organ," she said. "I do a good vigorous brush of my entire body I brush up towards my heart and down towards my arms."