State Fair of Texas opens today at Fair Park

State Fair of Texas
State Fair of Texas Photo credit JBurkett Photo

The State Fair of Texas gates open at 10 a.m. today, the first day of the Fair's 24-day run.

Season passes start at $50. Daily admission tickets range from $15 to $20. But, for this opening day, you can get in for $10 by bringing two jars of peanut butter for the North Texas Food Bank.

One big difference you'll notice at this year's fair is that the price of the coupons has doubled, from 50 cents to $1. That doesn't mean the prices of the various items for sale has doubled.

For instance, if something had previously cost eight coupons, now it'll cost four. Some possible exceptions to that? If the new price ends in 50 cents the vendor will have to round it up or down to the nearest dollar. You'll just have to wait and see once you get out there.

The good news is that if you have any of those old 50 cent coupons lying around? They just doubled in value. Bring them to the fair and they'll be worth a dollar.

When indoors, all fair goers will have to wear a face mask, no matter whether you're vaccinated or not. Outside, wearing a mask is up to you. Free masks will be available at all fair entrances or at any information booth.

And, if you're taking DART (public transportation) to the Fair, masks are mandatory.

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