Warmer weather is making the armadillo population in Missouri explode

Armadillo walking on the pavement
Armadillo walking on the pavement Photo credit Getty Images/Lois_McCleary

Residents of Missouri are getting a little taste of the Lone Star State!

The armadillo population in the Show Me State is reportedly exploding, thanks to the warmer weather Missouri is experiencing.

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Nate Bowersock, a biologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation, told KOMU, “I think with this warmer winter we had this last year, I think that we saw a bigger expansion because animals weren't hiding in the holes in the ground trying to stay warm — they could move around a lot more this winter.”

The state has had to issue warnings and advice to Missouri residents in case they come into contact with armadillos, as it seems the majority of folks up there have no idea what to do if they come across one!

Despite their normally calm demeanor, Bowersock says that any residents having problems with armadillos can call the Department of Conservation, and wildlife damage biologists can come help residents remove the armadillos.

"... They're just a very adaptive animal, and there's not much that seems to bother them, unfortunately," he said. "So they can kind of spread and go where they want ... it's tricky to catch an armadillo."

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Lois_McCleary