More and more women are finding confidence without having to wear makeup

Woman looking in the mirror surrounded by bottles of makeup
Woman looking in the mirror surrounded by bottles of makeup Photo credit Getty Images/byryo

Society has taken a real hard look as of late with the standards of beauty we place on women.

In fact, society has long perceived women who wear makeup as “healthier and more confident.”

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These days though, more and women are bucking the trend that “requires” them to wear makeup, and are more confident in celebrating being comfortable with themselves and their appearances.

According to YourTango, after a two-week period where women looked at their own reflection in a mirror every day “with no goal other than to stay present with themselves,” they reported being more comfortable with their appearance and less concerned with wearing makeup, along with a decrease in stress and an increase in self-compassion.

By embracing this no-makeup trend, it appears more women may be sending a message that they desire to be seen more authentically, and to be accepted for how they actually look, without “camouflage or enhancements.”

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