Critics of bike paths in East KC missing the big picture, says Bike Walk KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local pedestrian-focused transportation organization is hitting back at critics of improvements to bike paths and sidewalks on Kansas City's east side.

Michael Kelley, Policy Director for Bike Walk KC, said in order for Kansas City to create opportunities in the areas that need them most, investing in the most basic infrastructure is vital.

"Having transportation options beyond a car that include not just bike paths, but also additional sidewalks and bus routes are things we need to be considering to give these people access to various opportunities," Kelley told KMBZ. 

Kelley said the perception that residents in east KC don't bike is simply untrue. He said bike paths or other improved pedestrian infrastructure will not only help connect people to opportunities, but would almost certainly save lives. 

"There are parents who are worried their kids are going to get hit or have seen their children be hit," Kelley said. "Like Rosalyn Temple, whose daughter Lashawnda was injured so badly in a wreck that her leg had to be amputated."

Kelly explained that for the people who need access to improved pedestrian infrastructure to be connected with the opportunities that will change their lives, Kansas City must stick to its current plans, and go even further, to make it possible to traverse the city from east to west without needing to get in a car.