A woman's mission, carried on by her family through Belton business

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Kansas City, MO - Denise Bichel was passionate about plants, and offering education of their healing properties. That's why she started Life Thyme Botanicals on Belton's Main Street 16 years ago. After several bouts with cancer, Bichel passed away in 2015 from breast cancer, but her husband and daughter, Jeff and Emily, continued her mission. 

"People can be healthy in a more natural way, and not having to rely on over the counter medicines," explains Jeff. 

Jeff feels that the key to educating others, is to keep it simple. He says you want something that's inexpensive to start with and that's easy to use. Life Thyme Botanicals' focus is to help others understand how to maintain their health and achieve their goals. 

Jeff says his late wife received holistic therapies alongside traditional medical treatments, like chemo and radiation, believing that no one should be discouraged from seeing a doctor. 

"In most cases we urge people to work with their doctor. If they're already seeing a doctor, then work with them. Tell them that your interested in this herbal remedy or whatever, would that help, and seek the advice of the doctor as well," explains Jeff. 

Their daughter, Emily is following in her mom's footsteps by completing her master herbalist certification. The shop sells organic essential oils, herbs, teas, spices and supplements, in store and online.