Lacking staff, Bonner Springs animal shelter to close

dog shelter
Photo credit Foto Zlatko / Getty Images

Bonner Springs, KS - An independent KC Metro animal shelter is shutting down operations at the end of the year.

The Bonner Animal Rescue shelter is closing because they're having a hard time keeping the facility staffed 24/7, says shelter board member Janet Crouch. 

"Unfortunately, in order to continue with our rescue efforts, we have decided it's best for us to let go of the physical shelter, which, you know, occupies a lot of our time," Crouch said. 

The rescue will still offer services like vaccinations and spaying or neutering.  

Crouch said the volunteer-only force is beginning to advance in age, and they have difficulties bringing long-term volunteers into the organization.

"We've tried and tried to get more volunteers on a more regular, permanent basis to fill those seniors as they either retire or move on in life," Crouch explained. "We just haven't been able to do that."

Looking ahead, the rescue is offering to provide services they carry out now at no cost to the city, but they say Bonner Springs needs to establish a full-time, city-run shelter to house pets in need.

Crouch said that in the end, she's confident the city will see the urgent need for action, and won't return to its old policy of a four-day hold followed by euthanization.