Missouri cannabis sales top $100M in first month of full legal use

stock photo of neon sign that says 'dispensary open' with a weed leaf
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KANSAS CITY – A booming first month for the sale of recreational cannabis in Missouri, as a combined total of medical and new recreational marijuana sales topped $100 million.

Dispensaries were allowed under law to start selling recreational marijuana on February 3 of this year. Since then, they pulled in $103 million statewide. Nearly $72 million in recreational sales, and $31 million in medicinal.
By comparison, Illinois’ first month — January of 2020 — totalled $39 million.

The sale and use of recreational marijuana was approve last November under Missouri Amendment 3.

It was originally estimated that Missouri would hit $1 billion in cannabis sales by 2024, but it could happen this year if it continues at this rate — the original projection for 2023 was $730 million.

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