Thomas Rhett kids react to him losing his beard: 'Daddy why are you new?'

'What's Your Country Song' is now available everywhere

It’s always a good time when RADIO.COM's Katie Neal gets to catch up with Thomas Rhett. The duo sat down together for Katie’s Superstar Power Hour and dove right into what he’s been up to.

Just before coming off of an amazing night at the 2020 CMAs where he performed alongside Reba McEntire and Chris Tomlin, Akins shares with Katie that he faces more critiques at home than he does on the world stage.

After shaving his beard for the first time in years for his Halloween costume this year, Thomas Rhett jokingly tells us that his kids were astonished by his clean-shaven face. “I’ve been growing a beard since I was about 13,” explains the Country star. “When I walked into the living room, Lennon, our youngest one, would not even reach for me because she didn’t know who I was, and Ada James just kept saying ‘Daddy why are you new? Why are you a new daddy?’ And I was like, ‘I’m never doing this again,’” laughs Thomas.

Because 2020 has brought on tour cancelations for artists around the world, Thomas Rhett shares that he has found his “silver lining” in just being a dad and being at home with his daughters. The artist explains that he’s been grateful to watch his kids grow up in real-time, because when on the road he misses so many pivotal moments. “I do miss being on the road and I miss getting to play for people, but at the same time I think it’s just going to make next year even bigger and better,” says Akins.

Thomas also shares the story behind his brand new song “What's Your Country Song” and tells us “It was one of those all-day co-writes. We wrote the chorus in like thirty minutes, but couldn’t decide how to wrangle it all in to have it make any sense.” He continues, “I had had this idea on my phone called ‘Where’s Your Country’ or something like ‘Everybody’s Got Some Country in Them’ or something like that and I kind of got that idea from traveling as much as we do.”

Having met people from all across the world, Thomas has seen that no matter where fans live or end up they always hold on to their Country roots. “My dad was like ‘what's your country song?’ Everybody’s got that one song that kind of takes them back to a moment in time that was just simple and easy.” Akins and his co-writers were inspired by Country songs that have spanned decades in order to create one track that captures the mood of all of them and tells a story via each song’s title.

Akins and his father co-wrote the song together. “Surprisingly we have always had such an amazing father/son relationship, friend relationship, and an even better business relationship,” Thomas Rhett shares exuberantly. He adds, “I think a lot of sons and dads would butt heads quite a bit, but I think as I started to become a better songwriter I would go in with my dad and he would just kind of go wherever I wanted to go… Dad always been that constant next to me going ‘hey man whatever you want to do, just be you and be authentic…’”

Now that Thomas has reached ultimate Country superstardom, Katie asks Rhett about the last time he was starstruck. The singer elaborates and says that it was probably when he met George Strait in person. “I always thought it would be an actor, like Clint Eastwood, which I’ve never met Clint Eastwood, but I think I would be very starstruck in front of him.”

“But when I met George for the first time I really didn’t know what to say and I’m a pretty easy person to talk to, I could talk to a brick wall,” he laughs. Thomas says it was probably one of the coolest moments of his life, even though all he did was introduce himself to Strait.

Finally, when asked about his current favorite song, Rhett shares that “Seven Summers” by Morgan Wallen is one of his favorite songs out there right now. He recognizes that the fans absolutely adore the song and says, “I wish I was a part of that one.”

“What’s Your Country Song” is out everywhere now and we can begin to expect a lot more new music from Thomas Rhett soon as he prepares for the release of his new album. Check out the full interview above.

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