Cardinals give virtual ‘Tip of the Cap’ to baseball’s Black pioneers


ST. LOUIS (KMOX/AP) - Some members of the St. Louis Cardinals joined current and past generations of baseball greats in a virtual salute to the 100-year anniversary of the founding of baseball’s Negro Leagues.

The celebration was moved online after a major league-wide tribute to baseball’s Black pioneers scheduled for June 27 was shelved — along with the games — because of the coronavirus pandemic. At first, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick worried that his longstanding plan to honor the men and women who battled long odds for a game of their own would have to be postponed, at best.

“In our game, there’s nothing more honorable than tipping your cap,” Kendrick said. “And once I realized that national day of recognition was going to fall by the wayside, I thought, ‘OK, maybe we can do it next year.’ But that didn’t really do it.

“So then I thought, ’How about a virtual tip of the cap?‴ Kendrick paused, then chuckled. “And let me say here and now, there is no way I could have done this myself. I could not be more proud of the response.”

Dexter Folwer, Jack Flaherty and manager Mike Shild were among the famous faces in baseball, former U.S. Presidents, celebrities and more to give a "Tip of the Cap."

I’m tipping my cap to the Negro Leagues and all those who made it possible for me to play the game I love. Join me and #TipYourCap to 100 years! #ThePlayersAlliance

— Dexter Fowler (@DexterFowler) June 29, 2020

I’m tipping my cap to the Negro Leagues and all those who made it possible for me to play the game I love! Join me and #TipYourCap to 100 years! #ThePlayersAlliance

— Jack Flaherty (@Jack9Flaherty) June 30, 2020

A special tip of the cap from our Skipper!#TipYourCap2020 | #STLCards

— St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) June 30, 2020

The campaign launched Monday with photos and videos from, among others, Hank Aaron, Rachel Robinson, Derek Jeter, Colin Powell, Michael Jordan, Tony Bennett, Billie Jean King, Barack Obama and fellow former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter at

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