Nvsted Adds New St. Louis Companies You Can Invest In

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Photo credit Pluton Biosciences

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- There's a new local start-up using 'Nvsted' to raise money.

"Nvsted is this really exciting, new concept for a crowdfunding platform that is specific to one region," says director Ched Wagner.

The platform is kind of like Kickstarter or Gofundme, but instead of donating to companies, you're actually buying a stake in them. Plus, they're all St. Louis companies.

Charlie Walch is CEO of Pluton Biosciences describes them as a "microbial discovery company."

"That means we have a group of PHDs who are very capable scientists who search through the soil microbiome, which is the dirt underneath our feet, to find new bacteria, fungi and viruses to create sustainable bioproducts," he said.

One recent discovery, he says, is a natural biome that kills the mosquito which carries the Zika virus.

Pluton and other companies listed on Nvsted are asking for your money, not as a donation, but as an equity investment.