Dog goes viral after getting into oil paint and turning himself blue


A dog is going viral for giving himself a makeover that shocked his owner.

A video of the pup covered in blue paint was shared Sunday on Twitter.

User @coldemoji posted the photo of her normally white pooch with blue paint all over. Since the dye job was uneven, it gave off a very “ombre” look.

“MY NEW DOG GOT INTO MY OIL PAINT????” the Twitter user captioned the image of her pup sporting the Smurf look.

Twitter users compared the dog's look to Blue's Clues, the Blue Man Group, and David Cross’ character on “Arrested Development.”

One even shared the music video to Eiffel 65’s hit song, “Blue (Da Ba Dee).”

Shortly after the photo went viral, the user posted an update writing: “guys he is okay we took him to the vet and he’s already back home!!!”

This isn’t the first time a dog decided to go blue during the quarantine.

Back in August, Sacha Barbato’s two-year-old dog, Bessie, rolled on a freshly painted canvas that was left out to dry in the garden and came home sporting various shades of blue in her fur.

Bessie was checked out by a vet and was deemed fine. The color faded on its own, per

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