Report: Police say video shows Ald. Brandon Bosley hitting woman with his car

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Police surveillance shows new insight into an altercation that happened between Alderman Brandon Bosley and a woman who he claimed was carjacking him.

On December 22, Bosley shared a video online where he claimed that a woman had attempted to carjack him, then said another car came up and hit her. In the video, he pulls out a gun, and asks the woman, who is lying on the ground, if she has a weapon on her. Now, KSDK reports that there’s footage showing Bosley may have been the one who hit the woman with his car.

The woman in the video spent a week in jail after the incident, and missed Christmas with her family. Then, the Circuit Attorney’s office dropped the charges against her, saying they “didn’t find evidence” to support them.

KSDK says police have not shown the new surveillance video with them, but that witnesses who have seen it say it shows Bosley’s car hitting the woman. On Twitter, Bosely says the story is a “fabrication” of the truth.

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