Stray pit bull stayed next to wandering toddler on St. Louis streets until help arrived

pit bull
pit bull Photo credit (Getty Images)

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Man's best friend became more like baby's best friend as a stray dog in St. Louis seemed to be protecting a young boy that was lost.

Taylor, who's described as a toddler, was found on Oct. 1 wearing just his pajamas and walking down a street in north St. Louis after somehow escaping from his father's home, according to Fox 2.

The neighbor who found Taylor says the stray dog looked like it was guarding the boy, Fox 2 reports. She then spent hours knocking on doors and searching for the boy's home or parents.

Taylor's father reportedly sprang into action to go get his son after seeing a social media post about the child being found.

The report says the boy seemed to really like the large dog and was calling it "puppy" as he was reunited with his father.

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