Trump ends Obama's historic run as 'Most Admired Man' on annual poll


(KMOX) - Former President Barack Obama's 12-year run as the "Most Admired Man" on the poll from Gallup has come to an end. He was topped by the person he tied with for the No. 1 spot last year – President Donald Trump.

Michelle Obama has been named the "Most Admired Woman" in the poll for the third year in a row.

Gallup has asked the open-ended most admired man question since 1946 and the incumbent president has topped the list 60 times. The report states, what may have pushed Trump to the top this time is that many Democrats were splitting their votes between Obama and President-elect Joe Biden – who finished third.

If Obama wins again, he will set the record for the most wins ever. He is currently tied with Dwight Eisenhower, with 15 total wins.

2020 Top 5 of "Most Admired Men"

Donald Trump - 18%
Barack Obama - 15%
Joe Biden - 6%
Dr. Anthony Fauci - 3%
Pope Francis - 2%

Just as U.S. Presidents have dominated the "Most Admired Man" list, the First Ladies have often won their respective list. A current or a former First Lady has won a total of 57 out of 71 times Gallup has asked the public that question.

2020 Top 5 of "Most Admired Women"

Michelle Obama - 10%
Kamala Harris - 6%
Melania Trump - 4%
Oprah Winfrey - 3%
Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Queen Elizabeth II - tied at 2%

The poll is presented annually to more than 1,000 adults across the U.S. with a margin of sampling error listed at plus or minus four percentage points.

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