New badge commemorates 150 years for Wichita Police Dept.

Wichita Police Department
Photo credit KNSS News

The Wichita police department has created a 150th-anniversary duty badge, commemorating the founding of the department.

Officers now have the option to wear the commemorative badges while on duty, through the end of 2021.

The commemorative badge has a 19th-century look to it, as it mimics one of the first bagdes issued  to WPD marshals in 1871.

Officers and detectives may buy antique nickel-metal-finish badges, and badges for supervisors will be gold-colored.

Residents may also purchase antique copper-colored badges..

All proceeds from the badge sales benefit the Honore Adversis Foundation, and the Wichita Police Foundation. The deadline for residents to pre-order a badge is the end of this month, and there will be other sesquicentennial merchandise available as well.