'SNL' Legend Darrell Hammond Talks Trump, McConnell, and New Podcast


Actor, comedian, and author Darrell Hammond is a 14-year veteran performer on "Saturday Night Live" and currently the main announcer for SNL. He's also the host of the podcast, "Darrell Hammond Saves the World."

Hammond was on In-Depth to talk about his new podcast with co-host Louie Sabatasso, and share with listeners just a few of his political characters. Hammond says the podcast is irreverent but admits it's a tough time to perform comedy critical of President Trump. 

"These are people (Trump supporters) who are so emotionally involved. It's like missionary zeal," Hammond says. "What's up with that?"

Hammond adds that it's unwise to underestimate Trump. "He's a genius at understanding power. How to get power. Understanding how to keep power. And understanding how to use it to keep people in line."

Our In-Depth hosts asked Hammond whether or not he feels it's dangerous to do his Trump impersonation these days. Hammond says if the audience doesn't respond well, he'll back off, but then he openly shared his version of Trump talking about Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg, while standing on the White House lawn inevitably with the engines of Air Force One blaring in the background. 

Hammond then talks about how Trump is like a talented comedian. 

Hammond also revealed what Trump was like during his guest appearance on SNL. "He came to me and asked me, 'if I break lines, like if I go off script, then it's more natural? And more natural is more funny.' And, I'm like, 'dude, it took me 20 years to figure that out.'" 

The podcast came out of Hammond and Sabatasso getting together to talk about politics. 

Hammond then breaks into a brilliant version of Senator Mitch McConnell reading Edgar Allen Poe.

You can see the podcast LIVE on Sat. Feb. 15 at 7 PM at the Hollywood Improv. and Mon. Feb. 17 at 10 PM at the Hollywood Improv. 

You can hear the full In-Depth podcast interview with Hammond by clicking here: http://bit.ly/38nmGST