KNX Hero makes it her mission to keep SoCal Latino community safe with COVID-19 resource guide

COVID-19 has spread into every community in Southern California, no matter the language, or income level.

Among the hardest hit - SoCal's Latino community.

So, our KNX Hero of the Week has made it her mission to keep everyone in that community safe.

There were challenges when the pandemic first hit, and they included penetrating the Spanish-speaking community about safety and health protocols. So, a group of students at UCI's School of Medicine started reaching out. And one those students, Dania Maldonado, went above and beyond to make sure her neighbors understood the safety guidelines.

"I really wanted to create something that was a little more user-friendly," says Dania. "So, I thought it'd be a great idea to help translate some of that information. In it, I included visual aids, so that people who may have some difficulty reading - it will be easier for them to guide themselves to resources."

Dania's resource guide pointed readers to testing locations, food pantries and housing aid. The third-year medical student also helped develop a special report to inform the doctors who serve the communities in Orange County. She also helped provide translations for parents within the Santa Ana Unified School District.

"This pandemic has really reinforced my passion for working with the undeserved community," explains Dania. "It's really reinforced how important it is, to provide comprehensive services to patients."

Fellow UCI medical student Stephanie Zapata says Dania is more than a friend, she's someone she looks up to.

KNX 1070 News Handout
Dania Maldonado is our KNX Hero of the Week who made it her mission to keep everyone in the Latino community safe amid COVID-19. Photo credit KNX 1070 News Handout

"She's probably the most resilient person I've ever met," remarks Stephanie. "There have been really challenging times in her life, both personally and professionally. I just see the way she gets back up... and triumphs every single time."

"She genuinely loves giving back to her community. That's her priority, and she really cares about the people she serves," says Stephanie about Dania. "That's what I really love about her, and why I'm so proud and inspired."

Named a Lieu Scholar in Medical Leadership, Dania Maldonado is our KNX Hero of the Week!

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