School Salute From Home - Justin Harvey


Justin Harvey:

Justin is a home-schooled tenth grader who became interested in guitar about 2 1/2 years ago after hearing his dad play for fun. He decided to teach himself through YouTube. It was amazing how fast he picked it up. Just after a few months of playing he pulled off "Eruption" in a talent show. His fast progression really blew his Dad away. Justin's best friend, Gage, was enrolled in the School of Rock in Scottsdale, and through some help from one of Gage's grandpas, Justin started his own adventure with the school as well. Since joining School of Rock, he has played in a total of 6 shows, and is currently rehearsing for his 7th one scheduled for January 2021. He loves playing the guitar and learning to play with others in the band setting. The guitar has truly been his life for the past two years.