First Academy For Children With Autism Opens In Plano

Autism awareness
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PLANO (1080 KRLD) - One in fifty-nine children are diagnosed with autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control, but access to important resources and therapy is often difficult and timed-consuming.

The process of finding therapy can be confusing and exhausting for parents and children.

But starting September 3rd, children with autism and their families will receive the critical help they need with the opening of Life Skills Autism Academy. 

It's a first of its kind in Texas and will offer individualized ABA therapy plans for each child, while also providing meals and other services.

Board-certified clinicians will provide consistently-scheduled treatment plans for every child to target skill development in a one on one setting. Children will also have the chance to interact with their peers in a classroom-like environment.

The goal of Life Skills Academy is to help kids develop the everyday skills needed for them to be successful throughout their future school years and into adulthood. 

"Unlike traditional home-based therapy, whereas whereas with traditional home-based therapy one parent has to be home at all times. We cater to working families," said Kim Gorham, Clinical Director at Life Skills Autism Academy. "Some common areas that we work on are communication skills, social skills, play sills also of those school-readiness skills that children need when they get ready to go to a traditional school."

Classes begin September 3rd.