The Man Accused Of Shooting A Transgender Woman In Dallas Is On The Run

Police, Police Tape
Photo credit Credit: aijohn784/Getty Images

The man accused of shooting a transgender woman in Dallas is on the run.

Police say 29-year-old Domingo Ramirez-Cayente, admitted shouting homophobic slurs and shooting Daniela Calderon six times in the abdomen, hip, and chest.

Following his arrest, Ramirez-Cayente posted a $25,000 dollar bond and was released from Dallas County jail.

ICE also confirmed that he was in the country illegally and had DWI and drug offenses on his record.

When a judge realized that he had been released without an ankle monitor, that judge ordered Ramirez-Cayente to return to court to be fitted with one. But on the day he was supposed to appear, he no-showed.

It is unclear whether Ramirez-Cayente is still in the immediate area or even the country.