State Joining Local Business' Lawsuit To Halt Dallas Sick Leave Policy

Texas Courtroom
Photo credit Credit:Rawf8/GettyImages

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The State of Texas is now joining the Collin County businesses that want to halt the city of Dallas' new sick leave policy.

The state has joined ESI Employee Solutions and the Hagan law Group in, both the lawsuit against the city of Dallas, and the demand for a preliminary injunction.

The State's stance comes from a position of preemption. It's the position of the State that the Texas Minimum Wage Act regulates wages in ways that municipalities cannot, yet court papers say that is exactly what the required Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance does.

The State says the word "wages" in the minimum wage act include paid leave, whether it's vacation, sick or other leave, because an employee who uses paid leave is receiving more pay for the same hours worked.

The state is demanding a preliminary injuction be issued to halt the sick leave ordinance without delay.

The court has not set a hearing date.