'Dahmer' becomes #1 series on Netflix despite heavy backlash

On this week's What To Watch, another true crime series shoots to #1, but not without criticism.

'DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' is the newest true crime drama to be released on Netflix. Although there was minimal promotion for the limited series, it quickly became the most watched show on the streaming platform.

While many praise Evan Peters’ portrayal of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in this series, alongside co-stars Niecey Nash who played Dahmer’s neighbor Glenda Cleveland and Molly Ringwald who played Shari Dahmer, Jeffrey’s stepmother, the families of Dahmer’s victims were anything but entertained.

KRLD’s What to Watch team talked to Vulture Magazine's Jen Chaney about her perspective on the show that has everyone buzzing.

“I think the problem is that for the first four or five episodes, it's still so focused on Jeffrey Dahmer, and what makes this guy tick and what his childhood was like that it doesn't, place enough emphasis on the other things I was just talking about, to make it feel like they're doing this in a really different way. So it still feels a little bit gratuitous,” said TV Critic Jen Chaney.

Some families have been vocal that Netflix did not attempt to contact them prior to the show premiering.  Many feel like the show was unnecessary and that it was retraumatizing to display the brutal deaths of their loved ones.

“There's a way to capture the sense of despair and anger without making somebody look at what they did 30 years ago. So I would just say, every time you're writing a scene like that, you got to like, think really hard about what its impact will be on the person as well as everybody who's watching it.” Chaney said.

If true crime isn't your cup of tea, don't worry, there are plenty more new releases to indulge in. Here's what to watch this weekend.


The first ever gay romantic comedy is almost in theaters. Bros is a story about Bobby (played by comedian Billy Eichner) who is single and not exactly ready to mingle until he meets Aaron (played by Luke Macfarlane). Opposites attract and sparks fly in this heartwarming ensemble.

Bros premieres in theaters on September 30th.


Many 90’s sitcoms like ‘Full House’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ have seen successful reboots in the past few years. 'Reboot' pokes fun at those same shows while engaging the audience with a hilarious and charismatic cast.

‘Reboot’ is centered around a show called Step Right Up, which is being given a second chance. We follow the cast of the show as they reconnect after years apart. Romance, secrets, and jokes are all abundant on this set.

Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Johnny Knoxville amongst others, this show masterfully does the “show within a show” comedy.

Reboot premiered on September 20th on Hulu with new episodes every Tuesday.

Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor and Bachelorette viewers prepare for steamy love scenes and drama from fan favorites all in a beautiful tropical setting. ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ returns for its eighth season, giving participants who didn’t meet their love match in previous seasons a second chance at love.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 premiered on September 27th on ABC with new episodes airing every Tuesday.

Reasonable Doubt

From the creators of Scandal, comes a sexy, fast-paced drama that follows

Emayatzy Corinealdi as a sassy criminal attorney Jax Stewart. We follow Jax as she juggles a family with her estranged husband and overbearing mother, societal pressures as the only black female lawyer at her law firm, and tension with possible suitors and an ex-boyfriend.

The first episode, directed by Kerry Washington is sure to make you want to glimpse more into Stewart’s life.

Reasonable Doubt premiered on September 27th on Hulu. New episodes are added every Tuesday.

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