Richardson man finds new business building backyard sheds for people working from home

Fenced backyard with small shed
Fenced backyard with small shed Photo credit Getty Images

Eric Benavides of Richardson is the CEO and Founder of Backyard Workroom, a business he founded solely because of the pandemic.

Benavides is in the oil and gas businesses, and was hurt deeply by the pandemic. However, he used his skills gained while working in the manufacturing business to help solve a growing problem as more and more people were forced to work from home: more space.

Benavides and his team came up with the "backyard workroom," which is an easy-to-assemble shed that resides in one's backyard, and is fully equipped with electricity, wooden floors, and air conditioning, all to make for a comfortable, private escape to work while at home.

The sheds are easy and quick to assemble, and Benavides promises no damage to your yard. He told WFAA, "Right now, we can go in someone’s backyard and build the building in about 35 minutes. Then, we’ll have the electrician come in, tie it in next day. We’ll come in and lay the wood floors and hang the lights. So, we’ll be there at eight o lock in the morning. By noon, you’re moving in. By five, you’re sipping wine. There’s no concrete. There’s no people dragging wheelbarrows through your backyard, destroying your grass."

Benavides has built about 20 backyard workrooms so far.

While they want to stay local to the Dallas area, they have plans to install homes in Houston, Austin and Atlanta. He said he plans to franchise the business to help with expansion

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