Keeping churches open during pandemic now up to Texas voters

Whether churches or other places of worship will be allowed to remain open during a pandemic or any disaster will now be up to Texas voters in November.

The Texas House passed Senate Joint Resolution 27 (SJR 27) on Tuesday by the vote of 108-to-33. It would codify the religious liberty of churches in the State Constitution.

“The State, or any political subdivision of the State cannot close down, or limit our houses of worship or religious services…period!” said Jeff Leach as he rolled out the resolution on the Texas House floor. Leach is House Sponsor of the Senate Resolution.

Leach took questions from several of his colleagues on the resolution including State Rep Chris Turner. “No matter what kind of pandemic it is? Correct? It could be the Bubonic Plague or anything else…Under this you could never restrict capacity in a church service for any reason? Correct?” Leach responded, “We are going to protect without reservation the fundamental rights of our fellow Texans to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs.”

SJR 27 was passed by the Texas Senate back in late March by the vote of 28-to-2.