Texas Supreme Court allows for drive thru voting in Harris County


The Texas GOP and Harris County Republican Party both filed petitions with the State Supreme Court to close the drive-thru locations, arguing that they were in violation of Texas election law. The Court declined to comment on why it rejected the legal challenges.

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West has said didn’t believe Harris County Elections Clerk Chris Hollins had the legal right to open the drive thru locations in the first place. “We are very concerned with the potential for voter fraud. We are very concerned about poll watchers being able to monitor this process. We don't think that he should be able to unilaterally make these decisions that fly in the face of Texas election law.”

The Court’s lone dissenter, Justice John Phillip Devine wrote, “Thousands of ballots continue to be cast through what is likely an unauthorized voting procedure.”

So far more that 70-ballots have been cast through the drive thru locations.