Adviser says Kushner 'made billions' during Trump presidency

Jared Kushner
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Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, says Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner fared extremely well financially while serving in his father-in-law's administration.

Conway made the disclosure during Thursday's edition of The Story on Fox News.

"Well, Jared, of course, is the only person I think who has benefitted in the billions – with a 'B' – from the Trump presidency. That's for sure," Conway said, without elaborating.

One of the bigger payouts to Kushner was $2 billion he received in investments from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman six months after leaving the White House, where he worked on foreign policy in the Middle East during the Trump presidency, The New York Times reported.
Another $1.1 billion came from a subsidiary backed by the Government of Qatar.

A House Oversight Committee launched an investigation into Kushner's "foreign financial entanglements" in June 2022, which is still ongoing.

Conway's comment came while she and fellow Fox News contributor Juan Williams were discussing a report from the House Oversight Committee that shows relatives of President Joe Biden received $1.3 million between 2015 and 2017 from an associate with ties to China. The report follows continued allegations from Republicans that work done by Hunter Biden and James Biden in their consulting business is a conflict of interest for the president.

"Why aren't we investigating the Trump accounting firms or why don't you look into things like Jared Kushner getting $2 billion directly from the Saudis after former President Trump bragged about protecting the Saudi price," Williams asked.

"I think 'whataboutism' isn't going to work here, as hard as you're trying Juan, for a very simple reason. This happened while Joe Biden was still the vice president," Conway responded. "And the question remains, what does China think it's getting from a sitting vice president who just announced he's not going to run for president?"

According to the Oversight Committee, Biden's son, daughter-in-law, brother, and another unidentified member of the family received payments while he was serving as vice president and shortly thereafter. The report noted that an investigation is still trying to determine "what services the Biden family members provided to the China company and when those purported services were provided."

"The Committee is concerned about the national security implications of a President's or Vice President's immediate family members receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals or companies without any oversight," the report says. "The American people deserve transparency into the extent of the Biden family's influence peddling, and we intend to deliver legislation that will preclude family members from capitalizing on their relatives' public office."

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