Panda Express is currently testing an orange chicken sandwich

Photo credit ChinaImages

The chicken sandwich wars have taken over the fast food industry over the last two years. Since Popeyes first introduced their new sandwich to the world, it seems every other fast food chain has joined the movement.

Now, Panda Express has joined the fight, bringing a new flavor to the battle for chicken sandwich superiority.

Panda Express recently announced they are testing a new orange chicken sandwich, bringing a tangy and sweet flavor to the fast food staple. According to UPROXX, the sandwich is currently only available at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, California. However, if successful it could soon be pushed out to Panda Express locations nationwide.

Many fans were intrigued by the new style of chicken sandwich, hoping it shows up at their local location soon enough. For those who have tried it, reviews have been mixed as some say it still needs adjusting, while others say it’s ready for the fast food battle. Eventually fast food chains will think of something new that’s not a chicken sandwich.

But not today.