WATCH: Woman shares ketchup packet hack for dipping fries on the go

Photo credit Getty Images

The perfect road trip snack is something people have argued about for years, but for many the choice is obvious; French fries. Available at almost every fast food chain, many find it impossible not to stop at their favorite fast food chain any time they hit the road.

However, for those that can’t enjoy fries without a dip, road trip eating becomes a little too difficult. Luckily one woman is here with a food hack that may change road trips forever.

Erica Kuiper of North Carolina went viral recently after sharing a tip she gave her daughter years ago. In the video, Kuiper opens a ketchup packet down the side, instead of the top, creating a dish perfect for dipping.

“We stopped at McDonald’s and she was dipping her fry in through the top [of the packet]. We said, ‘What if you opened it from the side? You could get a lot more ketchup,’" said Kuiper in her now viral video.

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According to Fox News, the video has been viewed over 4 million times since being shared.

Many couldn’t believe they spent years avoiding fries on the road without something to dip them in. Thanks to this eating tip, more people will see fries truly are the perfect road trip snack.