National Hurricane Center: Very dangerous situation when it comes to Zeta’s wind


National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham gives a detailed analysis of Hurricane Zeta’s path.

Hurricane Zeta is a fast moving storm with wind speeds of 90 mph according to Graham.

“Just looking what happened overnight, we talked about it becoming a hurricane again as it moved over the warm waters of the Gulf, and indeed it did,” Graham said. “And it continues to the coast of Louisiana."

He says Zeta’s outer rain bands will cause trouble for the rest of the Gulf Coast.

“Coastal Mississippi, you are going to see some places in coastal Alabama, the Florida panhandle, you are going to get some of these rain bands and that can be tornadoes as well.”

The storm’s projected path has not shifted and the cone of uncertainty is narrow because Zeta is moving at a fast 17 miles per hour.
Because of that speed, Zeta is expected to be more of a wind-damaging storm.

“So a very dangerous situation when it comes to that wind,” Graham said. “A fast moving storm so you will see hurricane-force winds in metro New Orleans, Northshore, Mississippi coast, but inland as well because it is moving so quickly.”

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