Can retailers do anything about the baby formula shortage?

Baby formula
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President Biden says the baby formula shortage in the country is at the top of his agenda.

This is as parents across the nation are doing whatever they can to get their hands on enough formula to feed their babies - as many store shelves are empty.

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On Ask the Expert, Gary Huddleston with the Texas Retailers Association joined the KRLD Afternoon News to discuss the situation.

He says the stores are doing everything possible to get the baby formula on the store shelves but the main problem is coming from the Abbott Labs manufacturing plan in Michigan closed.

Some experts say it could take up to two weeks to get the shuttered plant up and running, and another eight weeks to get the product back on store shelves.

In the meantime, Gary recommends customers use store websites to check inventory levels at locations to avoid driving in frustration from store to store.

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