Hozier Breezes Through Earnest and Soulful New Album ‘Wasteland, Baby!’

Details on the singer's confident new album

Even with often minimalistic and old-school tracks, the poignant complexity of Hozier’s talent always shines through.  

The soulful Irish singer-songwriter is back with the long-awaited follow-up to his 2014 smash, self-titled album. With the resounding love for hits like “Take Me To Church,” Hozier was left with high expectations and big shoes to fill.

He does more than enough to deliver on Wasteland, Baby!, a thought-provoking and sincere work that shows off his firm grasp on everything from jazz to folk. After kicking off this album release cycle with the rallying protest anthem “Nina Cried Power,” he continues to outline a limit-testing yet comforting and familiar sound.

His earnest voice sings of love, injustice, and everything in between on the 14-track Wasteland, Baby!


1. "Nina Cried Power" (featuring Mavis Staples)
2. "Almost (Sweet Music)"
3. "Movement"
4. "No Plan"
5. "Nobody"
6. "To Noise Making (Sing)"
7. "As It Was"
8. "Shrike"
9. "Talk"
10. "Be"
11. "Dinner & Diatribes"
12. "Would That I"
13. "Sunlight"
14. "Wasteland, Baby!"