Watch AJR Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Jack Met tells us what the brothers have been up to

Jack Met of AJR joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live, taking questions from fans around the world. After a few weeks in self-isolation, the brothers of AJR have been staying safe and working on music.

"We didn't really plan on it, cause we were supposed to be touring now" Jack says. "We didn't have any plan on writing music now - possibly at the end of the year we were going to - obviously now that got moved up to now given the circumstance."

"We've actually been getting some pretty cool songs out of it. We've written, I think maybe 9 or 10 songs so far, which is a lot for us. A lot of artists will do like a song a day, we'll generally do like a song a week or so," he laughs. "So we've gotten a lot done. It's actually been working out."

"We never thought we'd be able to sit down and be like, 'lets write music today,' because that's never how we've done it before, but its been working."

AJR has put an exclamation point on the success of their third album, Neotheater, releasing the new single “Bang!” earlier this year. The song is another perfect example of the theatrics and collaboration that make the band one of the most eclectic and exciting across all of music.

Watch the full FANDEMIC Instagram Live with Jack of AJR above, for much more on the inspiration behind the "Bang!" music video, where they find their weirdest samples, and advice for anyone looking to get into music.

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