Mick Jagger reportedly has birthday despite being ageless: Listen to the Stones icon now on Audacy

The warning was there: Start him up and he'll never stop!
Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones
Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones Photo credit Junko Kimura/Getty Images
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Well he warned you, slightly late, but the warning was there: Start him up and he'll never stop! Legendary frontman Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones is commemorating another trip around the Sun today, July 26, and we're celebrating the ageless singer with music picked especially for his biggest fans!

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Mick Jagger: Iconic, unrivaled, ever-professional, and always on the go. The Rolling Stones singer turns 79 years young today, July 26, 2022, marking another year spent circling not only our Sun but the globe as he and the band continue their perpetual touring cycle which, in essence, kicked off back in the early '60s.

In his honor today, The Stones shared a set of awesome slides on Instagram showing Mick showered in confetti while on stage, along with a video clip of him performing -- leaving absolutely zero doubt as to why there exists a hit song called "Moves Like Jagger" named after him. Hopefully, like us, you're in a serious mood now to break out your dancing shoes and cut a rug!

But first, we need to do some stretches...

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Junko Kimura/Getty Images