Dividing property when an unmarried couple breaks up

A broken heart.
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By Amy E. Feldman, Judge Technology Solutions
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) —  A new service aims to cut your ex out of your best photos. 

Edit My Ex is a new service that allows customers to erase their exes from treasured photos. Upload a photo to their website, explain whose face you don't want to see anymore, pay about $12 and in two days you get your photo back, minus the person who has been invisibled.  

In my day, all that took was a pair of scissors - or better yet, some matches. But who gets the photos, or everything else for that matter, in a breakup? It's one thing to divide property when you're divorcing. But who has the legal right to keep the things bought together when an unmarried couple breaks up? 

There's no community property for unmarried exes. So, if it was yours, it's still yours. If it was hers, it's still hers. 

If you shared your assets or bank accounts, then you're considered 50/50 owners and you need to negotiate over division of the ownership because you each have some claim to it. Which you hopefully can do amongst yourselves rather than having to see his ugly mug in court.