Cleaning services are in high demand thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — While most businesses are suffering through the coronavirus crisis, companies that provide cleaning services are thriving. 

They are coronavirus storm troopers, wearing head to toe protection, face respirators and often a double layer of latex gloves. 

Cleaning service workers have spent the past five weeks battling the invisible deadly bug in everywhere in America. Demand for their services has soared. Ray Felix, general manager of Belfor, the world's largest building damage restoration company, said his firm is handling 30-40 jobs every day in our area. The coronavirus, he said, creates a unique new set of challenges.

A typical coronovarius cleaning is a multilayered process that involves treating all the direct and indirect reachable surfaces and scrubbing down all high contact surfaces, infected equipment, heating and ventilation. That's followed up with a fogging procedure that employs a high-grade cleaning agent, creating a 360-degree web of disinfectant.

"You have electrostatic fogging where it will actually attract itself to the surfaces so it gets on there and sits. It has a certain dwell time depending on the products that you're using," Felix explained.

While there are hopeful signs that the coronavirus will soon slow down, Felix said he expects cleaning services to be in high demand for the next year.